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Information Technology (Java Web Applications Developer)

UH/Information Technology Services

Information Technology (Java Web Applications Developer) PBB, position number 79943


Duties & Responsibilities: 

Analyze and define system requirements; provide logical process designs and data structures for new systems; and define interface specifications in accordance with overall system design.

Work with source system subject matter experts to understand the source data structures and data item definitions. Analyze source metadata, profile source data, and develop data mapping and transformation rules.

Communicate and work with managerial, administrative, and technical staff to determine information needs, data flows, and system definitions and document these requirements.

Exercise discretion and creativity within theoretical limits in the adaptation and application of evolving technologies and broad practical and emerging technical concepts, products, tools and services to a variety of diverse and multiple platforms.

Make decisions regarding the application and modification of existing and emerging technologies, systems hardware and software that significantly impact various UH unit operations, multiple platforms, and numerous users.

Work directly with customers and assess requirements based on strategic initiatives and customer needs; assess feasibility, cost and risk factors.

Develop system specifications including timelines and functional specifications; translate system specifications into programming requirements including program modules and data element dictionaries.

Determine software, equipment, and other tools necessary to implement the system.

Determine feature lists of programs; evaluate progress during project stages; and modify work schedule and tools utilized to meet project requirements.

Keep abreast of advances in information technology and assess the feasibility of incorporating into project plans and specifications.

Advise individuals and groups having diverse viewpoints and opinions on the most appropriate, effective, and efficient solutions.

Advise managers and customers of project requirements including hardware, operating systems and other software, technical support, cost, and timeframe. Propose options based on customer needs and recommend most feasible plan of action.

Develop and document functional description from the user’s perspective which describes the system to be developed and the business solution to the problems identified.

Develop and document technical descriptions of the system to be designed in order to satisfy the documented requirements within the identified constraints.

Convert the conceptual design or business solution into technical programming specifications. The level of detail to which the system specifications are prepared is a function of the size and complexity of the new systems.

Develop and document planning documentation for the development and implementation phases of the project. The four plans that are generally prepared include: implementation plan, system test plan, conversion plan, and training plan.

Develops software programs involving complex data exchange among multiple programs and/or requiring sophisticated program logic; develops reusable software modules and reviews and updates program documentation to ensure adequacy.

Program, evaluate, and test web-based applications using Java, HTML, JSP (JavaServer Pages), and JSTL (JavaServer Pages Standard Tag Library), and/or any other programming or scripting languages to meet project requirements.

Develop software test procedures; design system test; coordinate system and parallel testing; evaluate test results and determine whether program(s) can be considered operational; performs software quality assurance testing.

Evaluate, modify, and maintain existing applications.

Ensure programming projects are planned, programmed, tested, and implemented by project deadlines.

Work directly with customers and development staff to ensure that the necessary testing, “bug fixes”, and programming modifications are completed by project deadlines.

Resolve any operational problems related to the maintenance of information systems.

Assess and evaluate the capabilities and limitations of new and upcoming programming or scripting languages.

Provide project implementation and post-implementation support for web-based applications developed and supported by Enterprise Systems (ES).

Provide technical support in a timely manner, identify the cause(s), research, assess, solve and take action to prevent programming and/or system problems from recurring using available resources such as, but not limited to the following: hardware/software manuals, third party books, technical email lists, Internet newsgroups, technical support lines, online help systems, and other available resources.

Serve as technical resource to non-technical administrators, staff, and to other IT professionals.

Monitor and tune software performance; perform software trouble-shooting.

Other duties as assigned.



for complete job ad and application requirements.



Closing Date:  October 4, 2017.


Inquiries:  (808)956-9098.


An Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Institution.

Occupational fields: 
IT / Software Development
Fields of study: 
Computer science / IT
Employment type: 
Full time
Years of experience: 
3 - 5 years
Required degree level: 
Bachelor's degree