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Information Technology (Information Technology Specialist)

UH/Information Technology Services

Information Technology (Information Technology Specialist) PBA, position number 80036


Duties & Responsibilities: 

Analyzes and documents existing processes, procedures, and data; designs and implements online forms and user interfaces according to specifications.

Analyzes, develops, and documents technical interfaces among devices and software packages.

Gathers information on best practices, open source software tools and commercial software.

Prepares specifications for ad-hoc requests.

Develops software according to specifications.

Performs tasks in an Integrated Development Environment.

Prototypes user interfaces.

Modifies documented and/or undocumented software and applications.

Develops program documentation, which includes general and detailed flowcharts, operating instructions, technical description, input and output file layouts, screen layouts, and report layouts.

Develops data migration procedures. Determine and schedule tasks for converting data to new format.

Performs testing of programs and applications, such as unit testing, integration testing, system testing, load testing, usability testing; coordinates system testing; tests data migration scripts and report programs with reformatted data and files.

Performs software quality assurance throughout the entire development process.

System installation and implementation – instructs users on the basic operation of the system and provides them with the necessary documentation; creates new files according to specifications.

Contacts users on any production problems that would interfere with the normal use of the system.

Updates production documentation that accurately reflects any changes to the application and/or processing.

Assists when problems occur with applications and hardware.

Answers any questions that users may have or redirects them to someone who may be able to provide appropriate answers.

Assists in developing training materials for systems, applications and analytic tools supported by Enterprise Systems (ES).

Assists in training personnel in the use of systems, applications and analytic tools supported by ES.

Assists users in resolving user and/or computer error(s).

Provides consulting assistance to users.

Troubleshoots any problems that the users may have relating to systems, applications and analytic tools supported by ES.

Other duties as assigned.



for complete job ad and application requirements.


Closing Date:  September 26, 2017.


Inquiries:  (808)956-9098.


An Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Institution.

Occupational fields: 
IT / Software Development
Fields of study: 
Computer science / IT
Employment type: 
Full time
Years of experience: 
1 - 2 years
Required degree level: 
Bachelor's degree